Rovingcards are the evolution of the traditional business card. They are the mobile interactive business card that last a lifetime. Rovingcards carry more information and provide an interactive interface of your details and media when your Rovingcard is accessed either by QR code or typing your personal Rovingcard URL into a mobile browser.

Your Rovingcard information is flexible.

It takes only minutes to enter your details and when your Rovingcard is complete will send your matching QR Code and personalised URL to be printed or placed wherever you choose to distribute access to your Rovingcard.

The ideal and logical place for your Rovingcards QR code to reside is on your traditional business card. When you hand out your card you’ll be handing over not just your business details like name and phone numbers etc. but a promotional opportunity to show video, images and unlimited text.

Simply touch the interactive details on the card to activate that element.

Rovingcards is ideal for all people in business from the suits to blue collar and any industry as they take your exchange of business details and promotion to whole new interactive level.

By any standard Rovingcards are inexpensive to make and are fully editable which means you can change the details, media and text without ever changing the QR Code or your personal URL.

Although we live in a world where the internet and mobile devices has changed the way we communicate the world of paper and print while diminished will exist forever.

Your personal Rovingcard URL and QR Code can be placed on any print item, static or moving object, anywhere you think your business details need promotion.

There are only 2 required details to make a Rovingcard, your name and email, everything after that is purely optional.

  •  Title
  •  Profile image
  •  Company name
  •  Direct call phone, mobile and SMS numbers
  •  Email
  •  Address
  •  Google map & directions
  •  Website address
  •  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn access
  •  Unlimited text details including live URL’s
  •  Video
  •  Audio
  •  Image gallery
  •  Portfolio Including live URL’s
  •  Share your Rovingcard

With the enormous uptake in QR Codes, mobile Smartphone’s and devices worldwide Rovingcards carries more information than you can fit on any traditional printed matter.

Rovingcards are an extension of your business card, a standalone personal website, a vehicle for others to interact with you.

  •  Looking to leave a first and lasting impression; include your Rovingcard QR code
  •  Looking for new business; include your Rovingcard QR code
  •  Looking for a new job; include your Rovingcard QR code
  •  Looking to promote yourself; include your Rovingcard QR code
  •  Looking to Show your business; include your Rovingcard QR code

Rovingcards provdie one-window solution with with the power of Rovingcards QR Code generator at