How Rovingcards get used

Rovingcards take personal and business promotion to a whole new level and is synonymous with quality content.

Properly formatted each Rovingcard is a personalised webpage and can include video, podcasts, images, unlimited text and in-text links combined with social network and interactive contact details that give you the promotional edge.

You can even add your own custom fields.

Each Rovingcard sometimes called a roving tag or ping code is fully editable and carries a personalised URL that includes your name.

You can track the use of your Ping card on-line and see the when, where and how it has been interacted with from all points of the globe, awesome metrics!

Rovingcards are automatically resized for all mobile devices like Smartphone’s and tablets.

Basically they’re a personal website business tool ready for deployment.

They are cost effective, easily ordered (takes only minutes) and currently ready within a few days due to very high demand.

How to use your Rovingcard

Take the included QR Code and short URL and put them in likely places they will be seen.

For instance have the QR Code printed on your business card. (Perfect location)

When your card is scanned they won’t be taken to a webpage on the net that has to be pinch zoomed to see or navigate around. They’ll be taken to your personalised Rovingcard page properly formatted with all the goodies that take personal promotion to new heights.

Place the QR Code on any highly visual print material for maximum exposure.

Where possible print the Roving name or short URL above or below the QR Code. The Rovingcards name indicates that there’s quality interactive content behind the code and is worth scanning.

You can use the Rovingcards QR Code on any print material including objects.

In your emails use the short URL as well as the QR Code, the short URL when activated on PC will display the information available.

Ideal uses for your Rovingcard

Take a look at some of these great uses for Rovingcards

  • Personal promotion¬†
  • Broadcasting – video & podcasting
  • Selling products & services
  • Image exposure via gallery
  • Interactive marketing
  • Promotions
  • Branding
  • Product launches & Cross promotion
  • Tutorials
  • Social engagement
  • Direct action
  • CV (Curriculum vitae)

Rovingcards are awesome for all business

  • Small business
  • Medium enterprise
  • Large corporate
  • Managers at all levels
  • Personal branding
  • Business owners
  • Corporate and promotional Speakers

Some Industries where Rovingcards can be used

  • Real Estate
    • Manufacturing
    • Automotive
    • Retail
    • Travel
    • Banking
    • Health Care
    • Advertising
    • Internet Publishing
    • Legal
    • Motion Picture & Video
    • News Paper Publishing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Food & Beverage
    • Sports

Places to position your Rovingcard QR Code and short URL

  • Business Card
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Newspapers And Magazines
  • Web Pages
  • Walls & Windows
  • Billboards
  • Letterhead
  • Email Signatures
  • About Us
  • Contact Information
  • Social Network Sites

Rovingcards are an exciting new concept and valuable addition to the business world.

If you’re in small business and without the means to own a website combining an interactive Rovingcard with social networking could be the answer.

Rovingcards is fantastic for anyone wanting to personally promote themselves or a product or service.

As technology has forged new uses for many already existing business tools Rovingcards brings new meaning the world of QR Codes.

Those using QR Codes know the use of a properly formatted page makes the scanning experience so much better.

Rovingcards are interactive and ready for you now!